Brittany Chapman

Inner Light Church is founded upon the dedication to help

humanity uncover their Inner Light and recognize their own divinity. I have always wanted to be a part of a church, a group, or an organization whose main intent is to help the individual become brighter, stronger, and in touch with their life purpose. This is the goal of Inner Light Church. Through nonjudgment and through the joy of community we can help each other live the lives we want to live, in touch with our own perfection and powerful nature which is our inner light.

Heather Han

​One of the biggest passions of my life is helping people to find the true purpose of their life and actualizing it.  I'm a dancer, a counselor, a teacher, a healer, a mother,  and my true underlying purpose of all my activities is to be a Light Radiant Healer.  A Light Radiant Healer is a person who keeps connected internally and vertically, grows their light from inside and shares their love.  To actualize this I am cofounding Inner Light Church, a community where we can gather and connect and support each other to maintain our purpose and vertical connection in daily life.

Jong Han

​Since my childhood growing up in the mountains in Korea I can remember having a deep feeling of the interconnectedness of nature and the universe.  In middle school I began attending church and in College I was the head of the Christian organization of Seoul National University.  I went on to practice yoga, Ki-gong breathing and meditation for 25 years.  I then moved to Hawaii started my school and healing business and had 2 children.  Now if feel it is time to actualize the dream I have had from my youth begin a church that allows people to have a deep connection with themselves to grow their light from inside and share their true love with each other.


Inner Light Church


                                                     Grow your Light * Share your Love